Goddess Amulet
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  • Goddess Amulet

Goddess Amulet


Maha Devi or the Great Goddess is a sacred amulet dedicated to the Divine Feminine.

She is worn to increase abundance and prosperity in your life. When we look closely at these old Indian charms we can see that the Goddess is made from leaves and that she is also holding fresh cut branches. She is venerated to ensure abundant growth in crops and vegetation.

From a Vintage collection of charms that are originally of old Sterling Silver. We have cleaned them up, given them a generous gold plating and are bringing them forth into the world anew.  We recommend not showering or swimming in this charm, but should you be the type that never removes her jewellery, we understand, and offer a $20 re-plating  service should the gold wear off.


This chain not a gold plate, but a highly durable metal that does not change colour. However , we recommend that you avoid oils, perfumes, shampoos and sunscreen. So removing whilst swimming is preferable but not necessary.

Charm : 18mm wide x 26mm long

Necklace : 45cm  Reverse rope chain in 14ct gold fill 


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