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Mindful charm


This charm is from one of our favourite villages in India, it is made from old silver that has been heavily gold plated.

The divinity depicted in this 'patri' or charm is Hanuman, the monkey god of the Hindu pantheon. As a devotee of Rama (soul) and body (Sita), Hanuman represents the mental body which is made up of thought currents that float in our Chitta or consciousness, being responsible for our imagination, astral travel and dream experiences. 

The tales of Hanuman and his antics in the Vedas are symbolic of the various qualities and powers of the mind. The mind is fickle like a monkey and can leap between ideas and thoughts like Hanuman, with his ability to fly across continents, take giant leaps, shrink and expand. The mind and its erratic thought process can contribute to the disturbance of the peace of the individual.

In Hanuman's deep devotion to Rama and Sita, he (the mind) assumes miraculous powers and stupendous feats, working for the divine cause, integrating mind, body and soul.

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Charm size:  12cm 

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